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UPVC Cleaning Services


The services that we provide are as followed:



  • Soffits

  • Fascia Boards

  • Cladding

  • Apex's

  • Dormer Cladding









Soffits, Fascia, Guttering and Conservartoires are another aspect of our homes that often get overlooked when it comes to regular maintenance.


Your Fascias and Soffits are generally made up of UPVC, after time they will attract a build up of unsightly green slime, lichen, moss and other eroding elements. If UPVC is left grimy for too long, it becomes increasingly difficult to clean, as the sun 'photographs' the stains in place.


Wooden Soffits and Fascias may need more attention in order to keep them protected and prevent them from rotting. With regular maintenance, they can be kept in good condition for

years avoiding costly replacements 

Morecambe, Lancaster & the South Lakes